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Wednesday April 15, 2015.


J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Factfile

BBC1 Breakfast
Jules Wyman
Life Coach

The Lost Gardens of Heligan
A Creative Adventure
The Lost Gardens of Heligan, 75 years in The Wilderness
British Government Political and Legal Justice System 75 Years in The Wilderness
British Government Racecourse and Horseracing System 75 Years in The Wilderness

BBC1 6.00am 9.15am
A warm welcome to all:
Louise Minchin and Bill Turnbull
Our Carol brings us the likely weather.
Widespread spring sunshine.
One hundred years ago today Belsen was found.
'Unspeakable relief' at Belsen liberation

By Lucy Wilkins 
BBC News

"The horse rescue in Cairo has possibly the worst cases of animal neglect and abuse ever seen. Being used until they literally drop. "

Thursday May 7
Matthew Engel brings us the first of his weekly election preview feature's. 
As published in the Racing Post on Monday March 30 page 61
"Miliband's moment may come when Cameron gets desperate. "  

Daily Politics.
BBC2 12.00 - 1.00pm
Presented by Jo Coburn and Andrew Neil

Changing the way the country is governed  
Government election news and interviews.
Campaign Latest.
Late in the day isn't it?
JMC: Where are the party streamline "Key Address to Project Shopping Lists in Order of Urgency?

SNP Launch Families Manifesto.
Out Saturday April 11
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, mindset in tune accurate .
Visiting a soft play centre in East Kilbride today, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has outlined the SNP’s manifesto for families, highlighting the action SNP MPs will take to protect and boost hard-pressed family budgets from further austerity planned by all three of the Westminster parties.
1. Key address to project: For the people, an independent party. 
2. Key address to project: For the people to build their own party.

The Labour Party Manifesto Campaign 2015:  
Out Monday April 13.
Ed Miliband mindset confused
1. Key address to project:
2. Key address to project:

The Green Party Manifesto Campaign: 2015:
Out Tuesday April 14.
Natalie Bennett mindset in tune accurate. 
Election 2015: Greens call for 'peaceful revolution'
1. Key address to project:" Welcome to the Green Party Manifesto calling for peaceful political revolution."
2. Key address to project: "Vote Green and you can help us build a society that works for the Common Good. - See more at:
3. Key address to project: Policies to address and project, not Separate Parties.
The Conservatives Party Manifesto Campaign: 2015
Out Tuesday April 14.
David Cameron, mindset confused out of tune, out of time.
1. Key address to project:
2. Key address to project:

The Liberal Democrat Party Manifesto Campaign 2015:  
Out Wednesday April 15.
Nick Clegg, mindset in tune accurate.
1. Key address to project: Education and career all levels.
2. Key address to project: Mental health.

The UKIP Manifesto Campaign 2015
Out Wednesday April 15.
Nigel Farage, mindset in tune accurate.
1. Key address to project: United Kingdom Independent Party: EU Standards.
2. Key address to project: International trading template to develop with other countries. In which British horseracing has been quietly developing since Clive Brittain first started his brave global pioneering in 1974,and has continued on throughout and to date.
 A considerable value of adventure into global horseracing standards.
Clive Brittain Equus Zone Timeline

Racing Right Equus Zone
Setting the standard for Global Horseracing Rules
Setting the standard for Horseracing Global Whip Rules
Setting the standard for Global Horseracing Interference Rules

JMC: Thatcher 1979 – 1990  In her term concentrated to address, to project, to take a much closer look at improving housing in Britain. Directly a party leader takes the step to project on housing, or any other project of key issue that is acceptable to the British people. When a political leader loses power in the middle of such a project the British people should have their say on if that project is to be completed. After all if a housing project is only half way to completion then all the work achieved will cost the British people if it is to be thrown out by a new party. It is the British people who will be the losers.  The British people do not deserve to be left to suffer all the financial and other mistakes of politicians, lawyers and bloodhorse illiterate horseracing government imposters make.  

Lochsong and Scully Arrowsmith
Team (Ian) Balding.

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