Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday April 20, 2015.



Italian Authority Call For Emergency Help


Mediterranean migrant deaths: EU faces renewed pressure

Pope Francis acts :

 "Evident that the proportions of the phenomenon  
demand much greater involvement".
"Demanding a summit on the issue, Mr Renzi said trafficking
was "a plague in our continent" and bemoaned
the lack of European solidarity.

Slave Trade 2015 - Image Results

Week Monday April 20, to Sunday April 27.

BBC1 6.00am 9.15am
A warm welcome to all:
Sally Nugent and Bill Turnbull
Our Carol brings us the likely weather.
Patchy fog early, sunny spells, fairly settled.

Pope Francis Calls For Emergency World Help.
 Save the Children steps in to help the Italian Authority

Hundreds of migrant deaths at sea: What is Europe going to do?
By Jethro Mullen and Ashley Fantz, CNN
Updated 0731 GMT (1431 HKT) April 20, 2015

A Bangladeshi survivor from a migrant boat that capsized in Mediterranean waters tells investigators that many on board were trapped behind locked doors, according to a statement by Italian prosecutors.

What do voters want to see in the parties'?
12 April 2015 Last updated at 22:44 BST

"Several of the political parties will have launched their election manifestos by the end of the week. But what promises and pledges are people hoping to see - and what are they hoping will be left out."

JMC: Party Manifesto Shopping List And Timeline Needed.

Electorate need each party leader to list in order of urgency, 
 “Address to Project Shopping List.

Once government address to project a key issue that issue is to be completed properly, no matter if there is a change in government, or a local politician or lawyer is sacked.

eg: Government to Address NHS and County Councils  local working practices both in theory and more importantly in practice. To Project NHS physical and mental health.
Government not to meddle with Local Doctors or Local Hospital Doctors. Both local and hospital doctors to work together.


eg: Government to address to project Housing and County Councils nationwide

eg: Government to address to project Landlords nationwide, rental charges, and property maintenance standards.

more eg's to follow 

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Late in the day isn't it?
JMC: Where are the party streamline
 "Key Address to Project Shopping Lists in Order of Urgency?

Daily Politics.
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Environment Debate
"Discussing climate change, energy prices and the countryside.

Bookmakers Betting Right Timeline  (GB) 

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