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Tuesday April 21, 2015.


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Louise Minchin and Bill Turnbull
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"The captain and a crew member of a boat that capsized off Libya, killing about 800 migrants, have been arrested, Italian officials say. 1 hour ago
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Late in the day isn't it?
JMC: Each party to supply electorate with streamlined:-
 "Key Address to Project Shopping Lists in Order of Urgency Timeline.
Electorate need an accurate political and legal Shopping List: Which needs to be provided to everyone at least 6 months before an election date.
eg: "Key Government Address: Housing".
To Project:  Sort Out Housing at all levels (project):
To Project:  To build new houses nationwide (project). 
To Project: Sort out Landlord's ripping off their tenants (project).
To Project: Sort out rent charges (project). Sort out failed landlord maintenance issues at all levels (project): True accurate complaints facility that works fast not years in arrears. (project). A facility that if landlords refuse urgent maintenance, tenants can stop paying their rent until the maintenance is sorted.
eg: "Key Government Address: British Male Legal Justice System. "
To Project: British Male Justice:  A complete overhaul urgently needed (project).
To Project: British Justice Wasting billions of pounds of taxpayers money every day (project)
To Project: British Justice:  Innocent people wrongly condemned (project). 
To Project: British Justice for all, not just the rich and privileged (project) : 
To Project: British Justice decent timeline to be activated (project) : 
To Project: British Justice no in house complaints, as in place at the moment .
Complaints  to be sorted by a separate body within 4 weeks. (project)
To Project: British Justice dishonest solicitor barrister teams to be weeded out, named and shamed and ordered to pay back the money they have stolen. And be removed from practice, to include those who have shielded them..


Daniel Habley, talks to Bill about what it feels like to need to escape a country to save your life, your wife’s life and your child’s life.  

Bill Turnbull BBC1 Breakfast talks to Labour leader Ed Miliband, but Miliband’s mindset was on the election, not on the horror of  life-death escapes going on elsewhere. Portraying political leaders as having no interest in EU and World horror situations, and human rights on the life and death front. No wonder nothing happened until Pope Francis spoke up. But it is the Ed Miliband's who are being paid to act fast on situations as these.

It was the British government who caused this horrific tragedy in the first place.
 We need all the young ones, to come in and vote to change the face of British politics to kick out the class barriers found within the British political and legal justice system and ensure justice is there for everyone, not just for the rich and privileged.   Nicola Sturgeon SNP brought Scotland alive last September with hope for a better life for everyone, she has rallied the troops, and she is rallying them again now in Scotland, holding out her hand in friendship. We need to do the same in England, Wales and Northern Ireland now. Kick the conservative dictators out for good. 

Today Daily Politics. 
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Alan Johnson v Chris Grayling v Chris Huhne
Tuesday 20 April with Andrew Neil & Mark Easton
Opening salvos in crime debate
JMC: British theory government make a  fake out of the  EU, and a fake out of Human Rights project, nothing works, nothing joins up, no one fighting for their lives gets any help from the British. In situations as shocking as these true action is needed fast.
“You can’t fatten a pig on market day”. Government have no facility up and ready to go in place to enable them to act fast over the plight of terror victims as happening now. Government bury themselves in theory and dishonest fob-off lip-service, they don’t do practice.
Cameron must be clapping his hands in glee, in finding a way to get rid of migrants before they even arrive here.


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