Monday, 13 April 2015

Friday April 10, 2015.


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A warm welcome to all:
Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt
Our Carol brings us the likely weather,
cold early, patchy frost, warm sunshine later, dry.
Daily Politics.
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Presented by Jo Coburn and Andrew Neil
Government election news and interviews.
Campaign Latest.
Calling for a ten year freeze on electricity and energy prices.
Calling for a ten year freeze on petrol prices.
Calling for a ten year freeze on rail and bus fares.
Calling for ten year freeze on BT and other telephone bills.
Calling for ten year freeze on all Council Tax bills.
Calling for a ten year freeze on all superstore groceries and other goods.
Calling for a ten year freeze on all EU trading prices.
Calling for a ten year freeze on all rented properties.
Calling for government to put their own house in order, and to tackle all rip-off landlords.
Calling for government to sort out the shocking Rip- Off British Legal Justice System. Government to cut by half all their extravagant costs and charges used by courts, by solicitors, barristers, judges and masters. To put a stop to all corrupt trusts. To bring charges against all corrupt solicitors and barristers.
 To build a new British Legal Justice System available to everyone, not just the rich.
Government to sort out the shocking state found in prisons. All prisoners not dangerous, removed from prisons and educated in career reform centres, to enable them to learn new skills to help them achieve new decent career and life style patterns.
Government to remove all their unfair criminal In House Complaint Procedures, to act themselves instead to ensure complaints are properly and decently addressed and put in order..
New 3 day scheme: "Volunteer leave from work to serve the local community doing something else, to help local people, and local incentives . Like local true caring teams to help the young and the old, through the local overworked doctors and local hospital practices. That at present are letting everyone down so badly.
JMC: British horseracing needs taking out of bloodhorse illiterate government hands completely. To enable it to find it's own true balance and potential. 
The government department for culture-media-sport are out of their depth on horseracing they are doing more harm than good. Government only interested in the money they can take out of horseracing. They couldn't care less about the actual sport and the people who work every day with the horses to piece this sport together. 

The daylight robbery going on and carried out by Cheltenham Racecourse and now at present the Aintree racecourse both Jockey Club racecourses is staggering how are people such as these getting away with  financially ripping off all the true horsemen and horsewomen like this? Six decades of daylight robbery is a very long time isn't it? What do you think? 

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