Thursday, 30 April 2015

Friday May 1, 2015.


BBC1 6.00am 9.15am
A warm welcome to all:
 Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt
Our Carol brings us the latest on the weather.
Chilly start, sunshine and showers, unsettled over this weekend.
Sally Donovan is bringing up two adopted children.
Sally talks to Charlie Stayt
about the problems she faces every day.
Naga and Charlie talk to Steve Leonard (Vet)  and his tabby cat, who is exploring BBC1's red sofa, asking him if small house cats' talk? Yes, yes, yes,  as do big jungle cats. House cats talk to each other. As well as, on a different level to us, according to how they find us. Cats are very accurate in their moves and behaviour. Wondering if  Steve Leonard is going to bring a big jungle cat in next week to sit beside him on the red BBC sofa? What do you think?

Real Life Footage Of Elsa The Lioness 


Daily Politics
BBC2 12.00 - 1.00pm
Presented by Jo Coburn and Andrew Neil.  

 Question Time Election Leaders Special
BBC1: 8.00pm – 9,30pm
With just a week to go before the nation heads to the polls, David Dimbleby is joined by Prime Minister David Cameron, Labour Leader Ed Miliband and Liberal Democrat frontman Nick Clegg. For a special Question Time broadcast . Each will appear separately to answer questions from the studio audience on their party’s policies and manifesto as they attempt to sway undecided voters. The debate continues after the show on Radio 5 Live.

Ask Nigel Farage
BBC1: 10.50pm 11.20pm  

Election 2015:
Jo Coburn invites a studio audience to put their questions to the UK Independent Party in the run up to next Thursday’s general election, immigration is likely to be a key topic for discussion, as are tax cuts and Britain’s membership of the EU, which form the backbone of UKIP’s election manifesto.

JMC: The stark reality on immigration, it has been hovering around for a very long time. Needing urgent attention from government ongoing over the last 3 decades getting worse and worse every day that passes. Just the same as going on in horseracing over the last 6 decades.
JMC: Using Horseracing Betting Form Ratings performance estimated scale (100-1 downwards) here for the General Election Party Leaders 2015.
The British people’s daily life and times dependent upon the outcome of this general election, make or break time for the British people. But what chance have the British people got in getting a party out of this lot on offer? What sort of a political race are these political/ legal /horseracing parties in? Wondering, a handicap perhaps? Hardly any form to speak of. Let’s say the Stewards Cup Handicap at Goodwood (Flat Turf). For starters, whatever sort of political race this pans out to be, it is a very open race indeed. Not the sort of race anyone could have a serious bet on. If you are a person who wants to see a radical turn around in British political, legal and horseracing government practices-policies-behaviour, sincerity and know how, go for Nick Clegg Liberal Democrats. Nicola Sturgeon SNP, Nigel Farage UKIP.
Stewards Cup Goodwood - Image Results

Nick Clegg Liberal Democrats 12-1.  Nigel Farage UKIP 16-1.

Nicola Sturgeon SNP 16-1. Ed Miliband Labour 75-1.
David Cameron Conservative 100-1

JMC: BRITISH conservative politics, law, and horseracing government, it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, what job you do, how good or bad you are at doing it. What career path you have followed, or not as the case maybe. These three present British government authorities are affronting your human rights denying you a decent life, affronting, bullying, abusing your very existence whilst you attempt to go about your daily workload. More than likely these conservatives have you trapped for life in their fraudulent “Minimum Wage Slave Zone”  or government’s “Living Wage Slave Zone”  one or the other. Run by governments along the lines known to be “The Workhouse”. The origins of the workhouse can be traced to the Poor Law Act of 1388.  

BBC1  11.45pm - 12.30pm A warm welcome to all.
Andrew Neil, presents round-table chat in which
he and his guests take a light- hearted look at the political developments of the past week, with just seven days until the UK goes to the polls.
Guest: Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo is a British journalist, broadcaster,
and former Conservative Party politician and Cabinet

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