Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Monday March 30, 2015

BBC1 6.00am 9.15am
A warm welcome to all:
Louise Minchin and Bill Turnbull
Our Carol brings us the weather.
 A windy, wintery day with rain,  
 gale's in places. Unsettled.

Pension data 'sales' investigated by watchdog

"An investigation has been launched into claims the details of millions of people's pensions are being sold to fraudsters and cold-calling firms. Firms are selling data about people's salaries, investment values and pension size for as little as 5p without their knowledge, the Daily Mail said.

It is feared it will be used to scam pensioners who can access their full pension pots under new rules in April.Information Commissioner Christopher Graham said he was investigating.
He told the BBC that the claims were "very serious" and said he was in touch with the Pensions Regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority and the police. 

Our Louise meets up with tenor Russell Watson
Tuesday 28 April - 3:00 PM, 7:30 PM

For one matinee and one evening performance only, FOLLIES in Concert makes a spectacular and rare return to the UK.

With a wealth of well-known songs, including Losing My Mind, Broadway Baby and I'm Still Here, this iconic and much-loved show is being performed in celebration of composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim's 85th birthday this year.

Daily Politics.
BBC2 12.00 - 1.00pm

Presented by Jo Coburn and Andrew Neil

JMC: If the British electorate are ever to be allowed to make their own mind up on who to vote for on Thursday May 7 they need to receive through in the post and sooner, rather than later a typed up document that sets out in writing each and every parties “Manifesto" .

A. British Home Government Direction Zone:
B. British European Government Direction Zone:
C. British World Direction Government Zone:
As things stand at present it's like expecting a racegoer who enjoys playing the popular
"Gambling Game" that horseracing provides to go racing without the Racecard or the
 Racing Post.

Our Bill, out and about bringing us Breakfast from Westminster on the red election sofa.
Travelling all around Britain throughout this Election campaign 2015.  
General Election 2015 timetable
Took place at Midnight  Sacred Sunday March 29.
Jason Farrell
Political Correspondent
"The Queen will today dissolve Parliament for a twelfth prime minister under her reign."
"Following months of unofficial campaigning, the five-and-a-half week race for No 10 begins in earnest after Parliament was dissolved under the terms of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act. "
Coalition Government between Nick Clegg for the Liberal Democrat Party 
and David Cameron for the Conservative Party 
2010 - 2015

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