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Tuesday March 31, 2015.

Tuesday March 31, Racing Post 2015. The race for No.10 political pundit Matthew Engel starts a weekly election focus in your Post on Monday's. Yesterday "Miliband's moment may come when Cameron gets desperate" . Page 61."

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General Election 2015:
Thursday May 7.

Analysis: 'Hell yes, I'm tough enough to be PM'

"Greens want Labour to help achieve their goals." 

Clive James

Charlie Stayt talks to Clive James
Clive James AO CBE (born Vivian Leopold James on 7 October 1939) is an Australian-British author, critic, broadcaster, poet, translator and memoirist, best known for his autobiographical series Unreliable Memoirs, for his chat shows and documentaries on British television and for his prolific journalism. He has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1962.[1]

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Daily Politics Tuesday March 31, 2015
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David Cameron 'wilfully dishonest' over immigration -
 Nigel Farage
"David Cameron was "wilfully dishonest" when he pledged to cap immigration to the tens of thousands, UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said.

"He said the target to cut net migration to the UK could not be achieved as long as Britain remained a member of the EU.

"Launching UKIP's campaign poster on immigration, Mr Farage said an "honest debate" on the subject was needed to restore public trust in politics.

"The Conservatives said UKIP's immigration policy was in "chaos".

"Speaking in Dover, Mr Farage told the gathered media that the other parties were making false promises on immigration during the election campaign.

But he said the only solution to controlling immigration was to leave the EU - which UKIP campaigns for."

Return to normality'

"The prime minister made a pledge in 2011 to reduce the number of migrants coming to the UK to levels last seen in the 1990s, about "tens of thousands" each year.

"However, he has had to concede that the target has not been met, with the latest figures showing net migration rose to 298,000 for the year ending in September 2014 - higher than when he came to office.

"Downing Street has said the rise in immigration has been driven in part by Britain's economic success relative to its neighbours in the eurozone. Labour has said the government's pledge lay "in tatters".

"But Mr Farage, unveiling UKIP's advert criticising the PM's pledge, said: "When Cameron made that promise he was being wilfully dishonest.

"Because he knew the truth and I think now the British public, five years on, know the truth: that you actually cannot have an immigration policy, you can't set targets of any kind at all, you can't attempt to control who comes into Britain all the while you're members of the European Union."
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