Monday, 13 April 2015

Thursday April 9, 2015.


BBC1 6.00am 9.15am
A warm welcome to all:
Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt
Our Carol brings us the likely weather,
cold early, patchy frost, warm sunshine later, dry.
Daily Politics.
BBC2 12.00 - 1.00pm
Presented by Jo Coburn and Andrew Neil
Election news and interviews.
Taking a closer look at tax payers and non-dom tax issues
Taking a closer look at Education.
Re-setting Exam Stats 11-plus.
The way we are wanting our contribution
tax money payments to be spent, or not as the case maybe.
Election news and interviews.
JMC: War of words from Fallon as he verbally attacks Miliband on defence, inclusive of the massive costs involved in Trident. Fallon's foul spanner in the works, denies voters the chance to search and find true reasons to make their own vote, or not as the case maybe. Rip-off the British people the political conservative party's dishonest fob-off lip-service strategy, tell them nothing.  A brutal dishonest and evil attitude.

 Immigration all the basics to tackle this one  properly should have been addressed already in this term, not the next.

Taking a closer look at Wells Cathedral and meeting up with some of the stonemason's working there. Getting their views on the build-up to the May 7,  general election.  Key concern came through about the youth ("like school boys") of the political leaders, a fact that many other people are equally as concerned about as well.
A mason's craft
"The medieval mason was not a monk but a highly skilled lay craftsman who combined the roles of architect, builder, craftsman, designer and engineer. Using only a set of compasses, a set square and a staff or rope marked off in halves, thirds and fifths, the mason was able to construct some of the most amazing structures ever built: Gothic cathedrals. Their awesome size combined with their appearance of lightness and fragility have led people to believe that medieval masons had some magical secret but this was actually just an understanding of proportion and basic geometry."
This Week
BBC1  11.45pm - 12.30pm
A warm welcome to all
Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo, Diane Abbott and guests
discuss political and parliamentary developments over the last week.

"Traitors and Spies"

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