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Wednesday May 20, 2015.

 We do not want our little babies 
having to experience the terror of war,  anytime in their lives.

A warm welcome to all:
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Our Carol brings us the weather, unsettled cold  
sunshine and showers, gale force winds in places.

European Union law
FACTBOX-Britain's EU demands, and how they might be handled
Source: Reuters - Mon, 18 May 2015 12:11 GMT
Author: Reuters
By Alastair Macdonald
BRUSSELS, May 18 (Reuters) - David Cameron has promised to negotiate reform of the European Union before a referendum by 2017 on whether to leave the 28-nation bloc, which a fellow Conservative prime minister took Britain into in 1973.
EU leaders want to keep Britain in but will only discuss concrete changes once Cameron tells them what he wants. He laid out some demands in his election manifesto and has said they will probably require amendments to EU treaties - something his counterparts say is neither desirable nor feasible by 2017.
Here is how they might try to accommodate Cameron'srequirements. 

Basic rules
Check the rules of origin applying to your product at My export

Basic rules for EU membership?

What are the basic rules the countries need to abide by and 

what do they get out of being a member? 

Why does the EU not allow certain countries in?


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European Union
EU Horseracing. Farming.  Agriculture.
No animals to travel live for slaughter.
  • protects the environment & animal welfare. ????????
  •  HOW? Full detail required. Bloodhorse illiteracy? Where is it? Who has achieved government bloodhorse literacy in their own right?
JMC: A massive area of male "Human Rights" failure. British male government on the political, legal and horseracing front are totally, dangerously,  irresponsible, unreliable, clueless. Causing lethal animal cruelty on a massive scale. Same applies with all the other 28 countries. Global government terror, ignorance, causing shocking pain and suffering within this  "Human Rights" section 
EU farm policy – the common agricultural policy – serves many purposes:

helps farmers produce sufficient quantities of food for Europeensures this food is safe (for example through traceabilityprotects farmers from excessive price volatility and market crises
  • helps them invest in modernising their farms
  • sustains viable rural communities, with diverse economies
  • creates and maintains jobs in the food industry
  • protects the environment & animal welfare.

End-of-life care 'deeply concerning'

'Too Many People Are Dying Without Dignity' Harrowing Report Into End-Of-Life Care Reveals

Posted: Updated: 

Garlands Hospital: scene of "appalling abuse"

"A catalogue of cruelty to elderly patients has been revealed in a damning NHS report - and two other hospitals face massive criticism.

The abuse of mentally ill patients at Garlands hospital in Cumbria was described by the expert leading the investigation as "deeply disturbing".

The Commission for Health Improvement "hit squad" found that patients had been left tied to commodes, sworn at and deprived of food and blankets.

Another devastating NHS report has prompted the government to launch a further probe into one of the country's leading heart hospitals.

Health minister John Denham described the Oxford Heart Centre at the John Radcliffe Hospital as "dysfunctional". "

Government's getting away with dishing out the likes of such evil abuse as this.
It is perfectly acceptable to David Cameron and his Tory party is it to brush the likes of this under his plush carpets? 


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