Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sacred Sunday May 10, 2015.


Since May 7, last Thursday's  General Election 2015
British horseracing, is being trashed and has been trashed every day over the last 6 decades by political, legal, and horseracing government fraud.
"To Little Too Late, Like 6 Decades To Late.
The Andrew Marr Show 
BBC1. 9.00am to 10.00am
"Key politicians discuss what the general election result means for the UK."
 interviews with key politicians and celebrities. "

The Big Questions
BBC2. 10.00am to 11.00am

Nicky Campbell hosts "Has human rights' law achieved more

 for mankind than religion? " . Debate  from Warrington.
JMC: True Human Rights belong to all living creatures, the two legged variety
 and the four legged variety, to include racehorses in training.
Female. human rights are different, from male human rights for obvious reasons.
Dreadful cruelty to animals is breaking human rights worldwide.
Mother Teresa Calcutta
The late Mother Teresa worked on the pavements, and in the gutters of Calcutta picking up broken people from the gutter, close to death. People  being eaten alive by maggots.
dreadful cruelty burdened upon other people, meaning sever human rights breach worldwide.

 Sunday Politics
BBC1.  1.30pm  to 2.45pm
 presented by Andrew Neil and  
Peter Henley 

J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Factfile
BBC1 Breakfast
Jules Wyman
Life Coach

The Lost Gardens of Heligan


Horseracing holds or should hold a Creative Copyright

A Creative Adventure. A Creative Sport.
The Lost Gardens of Heligan, 75 years in The Wilderness.
British male political, legal and horseracing government 75 years in the wilderness.

British horseracing is owned, or should be owned by a "Creative  Copyright" provided every day by the people who work with the owners racehorses placed "In Training" .  It is this
 "In Training" part that government and some bloodhorse illiterate owners fail to recognise.  


Handling, riding and minding racehorses in training
 is a highly skilled work of art.

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