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Wednesday March 25, 2015.

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Germanwings Airbus A320 plane crash:

Pilot made no mayday call during 8 minutes of terror.
·         23:25, 25 March 2015
·  By Tom Parry
The Mirror's Tom Parry reports from Seyne les Alpes, where 150 people lost their lives after Flight 4U 9525 plunged 32,000ft into a ­mountain

“Tragic Flight 4U 9525 took eight ­terrifying minutes to plunge 32,000ft into a ­mountain, but made no mayday call.

"One local said “the jet ­disintegrated” while Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told journalists: “It is likely there were some British on board.”
"One victim was named as Marina Bandres Lopez-Belio, 37, a Spanish mum who lived in Manchester. She died with her baby son Julian.
"Last night, Germanwings was forced to cancel several flights after crews refused to fly for what the company said were “personal reasons.”
"They confirmed that the crash plane had been grounded on Monday for an hour for repairs to be carried out.”

'No convincing case' for HS2 says Lords' report
08:32, 25 March    By Tamlyn Jones

"Cheaper options than HS2 for solving overcrowding on the railways have not been reviewed according to Lords Economic Affairs Committee."

“Commenting on the report, the committee's chairman Lord Hollick said: "At £50 billion, HS2 will be one of the most expensive infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK but the Government have not yet made a convincing case for why it is necessary.

 "The Government has not made a convincing case for HS2.
 It must do so before Parliament passes the Bill to enable the construction of the first stage of the railway to begin. This is the conclusion of the House of Lords Economic Affairs Select Committee, in a report published today.
JMC: Now the Internet path is gathering pace worldwide, many people will be able to work from home cutting out the need to get to far away work places every day.

Are not providing honest solutions to people’s problems. The reasons are obvious.
The British political, legal, financial, NHS, county councils, landlords, racecourse and horseracing governments, are letting the British people down every day big time who allowed the likes of this to happen in the first place? And who has allowed this to go on for so long?

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