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Tuesday March 24, 2015.


Ashya King's Life 'Saved By His Parents
and  Proton Beam Therapy'
Tuesday March 24, Racing Post 2015. Update Ashya King's  parents say "At the moment we are still in fear of the British Social Services they're really nasty people we're dealing with.. "
"Naghmeh and Brett King's five-year-old son Ashya King's life was saved by specialist proton beam therapy - not available for him on the NHS - his parents Naghmeh and Brett King also say they are not returning with their son to live in Britain due to their total mistrust in British government theory found within NHS. "  
22:50, 23 March 2015
  • By , Patrick Hill

  • Brett King said: “We are still in fear of the social services.
    “At the moment it’s risky because if we come back Ashya could be taken into care.
    “They’re really nasty people we’re dealing with and if we put all our cards on the table they could just come, gag us, put a gagging order on us and take Ashya away and then what?
    “My whole life, my family’s life, it’s destroyed after that. 

    JMC:  The same British government dictatorship going on in everything over the last six decades the reason why the British people can have no confidence or trust whatsoever in using their vote for more of the same in  the "May 7 General Election.      

    Due to the fact that no one can have any trust or confidence in British political, legal, and horseracing government  dictatorships.  Dark Age male government dictatorships found to be  corrupt, evil, rotten to the very core as in  "Not fit for purpose." Out of touch".  "Highly  dangerous" . "Cruel and punishing" . You don't  train racehorses using these lethal method's , as  neither do you bring up little children  using these dark age evil methods. As neither should these dark age punishments be found in British hospitals . Or in British horseracing government.

    In the 1980's our own Queen Elizabeth 11 and her American horseman friend Monty Roberts spoke up about unacceptable racehorse training detailing on film this specific cruelty. The question remains therefore does our Queen know how her people are being treated by political, legal and horseracing government, and the consequences of same? Or is our Queen being fobbed off like the rest of us with dishonest government lip service?  Or is it that our Queen doesn't care about her people being abused, accused and harshly punished by her governments ....? 


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