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Tuesday June 30, 2015.


 We do not want our little babies having to experience
 the terror of war,  anytime in their lives.
The BBC1 Breakfast red sofa at Wimbledon
A warm welcome to all:
presented by Louise Minchin and Bill Turnbull 
Our Carol on day two from Wimbledon's Global Tennis Tournament 2015 brings us the weather, a thorough full forecast. In brief only here, another beautiful warm and sunny day, likely to be hot hot  hot over the next two Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Weeks.



Daily Politics
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 presented by Jo Coburn and Andrew Neil 
Parliament report:
Which country is to be the next? Britain?
 Global Bank Scams left going on over time 



JMC: Where are the Human Rights Rules set out in the Professional Sport Rules of British horseracing relating to the racehorses themselves? Or are the British like the Chinese in ruling that the female of the species don’t count? As well as adding on that the racehorses in training don't count either? As neither do the bloodhorse literate people who work with the racehorses every day, count?
Where are the Human Rights Rules set out in the Professional Sport Rules of British horseracing relating to the people who work with the racehorses in training every day without whom there would be no horseracing.

Owners racehorses are not placed in training for the purpose of bumping and barging their way throughout a race to alienate and stop all the other competitors? That doesn't count either?

Where are the " True Bloodhorse Literate Interference Rules?" Where are the" True Bloodhorse Literate Whip Rules"?

 Surely all the  punters need to know what the" True Bloodhorse Literate Interference and Whip Rules are?" What about the "True Bloodhorse Literate jockey's themselves? Or don't they count either? Wimbledon know what they are doing as each players is seeded according to their ability and standard of play, similar to a handicap race their own seeded players

 The punters, who enjoy playing the popular " Gambling Game" that horseracing provides,  does not mean that these punters have a right to make up their own horseracing rules as they go along. How would the spectators at Wimbledon enjoy their tennis today if there were no "True Tennis Rules", in place?
As the crowds of people flock to Wimbledon over the next two weeks interested in watching tennis, how many of them understand the Rules of Global Tennis? All of them?  Some of them? What would be the point of watching tennis if you don't know the rules in the first place? The plight of  British and global horseracing.

At Wimbledon there are some summery screens which set out the detail of each players shots and points scored or not as the  case maybe. Which is good.


Ashes 2015 - Telegraph - Telegraph Cricket › Sport › Cricket › International
28/06/2015 · Ashes 2015: read latest news and analysis, plus ball-by-ball scores, player stats as Australia visit England for five-match Test series.

  When are the 2015 Ashes?
The Ashes feature five Test matches between England and Australia, spread over almost seven weeks and beginning on Wednesday, July 8. The full match schedule is as follows:

Ashes 2015: How England and Australia shape up in each ... › Sports › Ashes 20152 days ago
27/06/2015 · At four comes Michael Clarke, probably in his last Ashes series in England; ... Ashes 2015 England cricket team Australia cricket team The Ashes 

Date  MatchVenue

Jul 8 - Jul 12
1st TestCardiff
Jul 16 - Jul 202nd TestLord's
Jul 29 - Aug 23rd TestEdgbaston
Aug 6 - Aug 104th TestTrent Bridge
Aug 20 - Aug 245th TestOval

Can I still get tickets?

Most tickets for the series have completely sold out. The following days still have some ticket availability, as of June 23:
1st Test, Cardiff - day 5
2nd Test, Lord's - day 5
3rd Test, Edgbaston - days 1-5
4th Test, Trent Bridge - day 5
5th Test, Oval - day 5
Visit the venue's website, or the official England and Wales Cricket Board home page, for more information. Or Viagogo has tickets available.

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