Monday, 6 July 2015

Monday July 6, 2015.


  We do not want our little babies having to experience
  the terror of war,  anytime in their lives.
The BBC1 Breakfast red sofa at Wimbledon
A warm welcome to all:
presented by Louise Minchin and Bill Turnbull. 
Our Carol  from Wimbledon's Global Tennis Tournament second and last week 2015, brings us the weather, a thorough full forecast. In brief only here. Cold early, after a few days-nights of monster thunderstorms the air is fresh. Beautiful warm sunny day expected.



Daily Politics
BBC2  11.00am to 11.30am
 presented by Jo Coburn and Andrew Neil
Shorter version today due to Wimbledon Tennis Live.
Parliament report:
Which country is to be the next? Britain?
 Global Bank Scams left ongoing over decades.
Greece's debt crisis explained 

Jo Coburn: Taking a closer look at where Greece is now after the NO vote win, in Athens at their referendum yesterday.

Is your MP hot on not? It is estimated that very few people know their MP.

JMC: Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband both top politicians in their own right, now thrown on the scrap heap by Britain’s failed wasted ancient political out of date system. Nick Clegg’s concern over the state of the National Mental Health System's failed working practices and evil attitudes toward mental health an insult to human rights.  Surely everyone realises by now in 2015 that every single living being has two sides to their make up: The physical half and the mental half, both need to be working properly, and Clegg understood this and was passionate in his attempts to rectify a badly misunderstood mental health failed system. Vince Cable and Danny Alexander two more top politicians both have given so much to the British people every day. We miss them, we need their expertise urgently still every day, to this very day to pick up where they left off, to forge a new path for British politics, to stop the rot that is effecting every living person's human rights on this planet so badly every single day.

Nigel Farage has made an outstanding political contribution.
Greece referendum: Ukip's Nigel Farage praises Greeks for calling bluff of 'dying' EU project
The Independent - 15 hours ago
Ukip leader Nigel Farage has claimed that the Greek referendum result showed that the ... - 2 days ago

Nicola Sturgeon has made an outstanding political contribution.

Ed Miliband’s manifesto stone setting down all the issues in dire need of his attention. Miliband should be working now to deal with these outstanding issues that have all been left to get so wrong. Harriet Harman makes a great contribution herself every day, she is a top honest politician herself.

Looks like Britain needs top politicians, not parties at all. Why should the British people be the ones left to suffer a further 5 year term in the hands of one ancient long past its sell by date specific untrustworthy Tory party. A Tory party whose blatant fob-off, rip -off  dishonest lip-sevice can never be trusted.

 JMC: The British political, legal, financial and horseracing government have absolutely
no idea of the scale of the damage they are responsible for burdening upon the British people over the last 7 decades. Way out of touch, way out of tune, wrapped up in their own little safe cotton wool existence, completely and utterly clueless.

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