Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Friday June 26, 2015.

 We do not want our little babies having to experience
 the terror of war,  anytime in their lives.
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Our Carol brings us the weather, a thorough full forecast, notes taken in brief only here. A beautiful sunny warm day yesterday.  Likely to return on Sunday with temps up to 26. Sunshine, humid, cloud sweeping  in from the west.  Some rain expected in places.
JMC: Frantic frightened people trying to escape from war torn areas.

British Tory dishonest government theory. In practice British Tory government use only evil lip service waffle to fob off and bluff the electorate. David Cameron attempting now, to expect to force the British people to vote in or out of the EU on his say so, withholding all detail from them, expecting the people to make a blind vote when the time comes.  So at the end of the day Cameron can blame and punish the electorate if his work and decisions  turn out to be massively out of order. Even criminally unsound.

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  1. Video: Watch live: The Queen in Germany - Telegraph › News › UK News › Queen Elizabeth II
    19 hours ago - Watch live coverage of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's four-day state visit to Germany. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have met German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck on the first full day of their state visit to Germany.

The People's Assembly Against Austerity:
Read more. posted by People's Assembly | 2558sc. June 16, 2015 ... Press conference: Charlotte Church to join People's Assembly 20 June demo. The People's

News about Glastonbury Festival

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 JMC: The present Tory Prime Minister David Cameron, needs to take a page out of Michael Portillo’s political book. Move himself and his family out of their plush rich boy home, into the supposed home of a family living in employed poverty, to get a true accurate idea as to the effect that his cruel inaccurate policies are burdening upon other people’s lives.  The rich sponging off the poor big time,  left ongoing over 7 decades.
Do they Know it's Christmas ~ Band Aid 1984

1969 – 2015
"Broken Homes" .

The savage evil brutality of a male family solicitor, still in practice to this very day. How many other people has he been ripping-off?
How ever has he not been caught out? Over all this time? What does this tell us about the state of British Law.?

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