Monday, 22 June 2015

Sacred Sunday June 14, 2015

 We do not want our little babies having to experience
 the terror of war,  anytime in their lives.

A warm welcome to all:
presented by Naga Munchetty  and Christian Fraser
Our Carol brings us the weather:
JMC: The EU bogged down by Male Theory :
A threat to all life. A threat to all female life:
European Union law
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The idea of European union for the purpose of mutual development and peace can be traced through the Middle Ages.[1] Willem Blaeu's map shows Europe in 1644 as the Thirty Years' War ended, before the Peace of Westphalia in 1648.

European Union law is a body of treaties and legislation, such as Regulations and Directives, which have direct effect or indirect effect on the laws of European Union member states. The three sources of European Union law are primary law, secondary law and supplementary law. The main sources of primary law are the Treaties establishing the European Union. Secondary sources include regulations and directives which are based on the Treaties. The legislature of the European Union is principally composed of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, which under the Treaties may establish secondary law to pursue the objective set out in the Treaties
JMC: Human Rights bogged down in Male Theory :
A threat to all life. A threat to all female life: 
    Human Rights law
  1. The Human Rights Act | Liberty

    The Human Rights Act is a UK law passed in 1998. It means that you can defend your rights in the UK courts and that public organisations (including the ...
The Andrew Marr Show 
BBC1. 9.00am to 10.00am
Rabi Lord Jonathan Sacks is among the guests talking to Andrew Marr.

The Big Questions
BBC1. 10.00am to 11.00am
"Moral and religious debate on topical issues from Leath Academy Edinburgh" Last in series.
Nicky Campbell quote: "What Matters is What Works. "  
 JMC:  Nothing works in Male Tory Governed Britain.
That is the problem.


“Are nuclear weapons ever justified?”

Sunday Politics
BBC1.  11.00am  to 12.15pm
 presented by Andrew Neil including 
Peter Henley 11.35am regional reports.
Monty Roberta (USA) Blushing ET Documentary
Monty Roberts has achieved true bloodhorse literacy in his own right. and works every  day to pass bloodhorse literacy on to other people

Migrant crisis in Andaman Sea
Is progress being made to stop child trafficking?

British government very slow on the uptake. 

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