Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Monday June 8, 2015.

 We do not want our little babies having to experience
 the terror of war,  anytime in their lives.

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Taking a closer look at British Carer provision, both in the past and at present. True caring, the oldest, yet the latest thing? Or is it? True caring? But what exactly is considered to be true caring? And where do you go if you find yourself stuck at home in dire need of helpful care, for whatever reason?
This morning BBC1 Breakfast report that the present provision of " Care" is found to be “Not Care Friendly. "

Carers UK: We're here to make life better for carers.” Really?  Surely “Carers” are being paid “As in Job Employment” to travel around locally to care for other people, who, for whatever reason need urgent care.

In most local communities in Southern England there are no local “Care” facilities even for people living alone close to death. People who are eventually found dropped dead alone indoors.

Nothing works in “Tory Male Government Practice, there is no Practical Government True Care Zone neither is there True Care File, holding all the different sections and types of care provision to include wage structures”.

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