Thursday, 3 July 2014

Wimbledon 2014 Thursday July 3


Carol and Sally bring us the calm before this day's action from Wimbledon.

What happens if a players tennis racquet strings break in a match? 
Each player has a favourite racquet the tension of how that racquet is strung key to each players confidence.

Racing Post Sam Price brings us news from Wimbledon page 100 ;
"Unstoppable Kvitova set to edge out fellow Czech Safarova in gentlemen's single semi-final today. "

BBC1 Breakfast and BBC1 and BBC2 Live Team Tennis coverage Sue Barker brings in great tennis players to present this 2014 global tennis tournament. With her are, Tim Henman, John McEnroe Jimmy Connors top tennis names guide us through a thrilling
Global 2014 Wimbledon.
(some of the players names are tricky to get right.)
"Grigor Dimitrov not only gave Andy Murray a fright yesterday, he also put him out of this Global 2014 British Wimbledon tennis tournament. Showing just how players' 'Mindsets'  play such a key part in this game similar to Global Horseracing positive or negative 'Mindsets' in action are vital in the Win or Loose Stakes.
Yahoo! · 6 hours ago
John McEnroe said it was possible Andy Murray could get back together ... Shortly before Wimbledon, Murray stunned many within the tennis world by hiring…
John McEnroe's famous historic quote on court to the umpire "You cannot be serious"
Since then tennis has moved on considerably. Which is more than can be said about British horseracing and the stuffy old  BHA dark age bloodhorse illiterate stewards.



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