Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Wednesday October 29, 2014

1.             Why should the British voters or other decent politicians be left to suffer the likes of bully boy Cameron. He needs kicking out along with all the others like him.
2.             The present government situation burdened upon “Dairy Farmer’s” every single day is fraudulent cruel  government  evil  beyond all belief.
3.              Just how bad do things have to get before government bother to take any notice at all.
4.      Governments who allow the banks to fraudulently Rip Off their customers every day, need kicking out..
5.             This dark age ancient crumbling government system a waste of time and money effecting, blighting billions of people’s daily lives to include the horses..
6.             Voters questions need answers: Why should anyone be expected to vote for more of this same government fraud as going on now.
7.             Why is this country allowed to be governed by people who are working 50 years behind the times?  Completely out of touch with the here and now.
8.      The May 2015 Election if it is to be allowed to go ahead. Needs to offer the voters the chance to make a vote that expresses their disgust at the way they are being treated by an out of touch fraudulent political, legal, financial, NHSS, racecourse, and horseracing government. Giving all voters if they wish to do so, the chance to cast their vote to allow the present political system to be scrapped officially by a vote of no confidence. Or to allow Nick Clegg to have his turn for once without Bully Boy David Cameron.  

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