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What sort of a world are we going to leave our children?
Published Tuesday August 18
  BBC1 Breakfast Bill Turnbull talks to David Cameron PM.  
Subject: The Present Global Disaster Zones.

Subject Direction:

Present global problems are beyond any sort of true life, with people dying in horrific circumstances every second, terrified in traumer. 

Bill Turnbull questions David Cameron as to what he intends to do about the present horrrific state of global affairs along these lines:
DC: “ Bearing in mind the General Election is 9 months away. “
DC: "Packet of measures?
DC: "Family problems?
DC: "The female of the species? Gender gap wages.
BT asks Cameron "What exactly are you doing and intending to do in Iraq? "
Turnbull  "Parliament must be recalled. "
What would have happened if David Cameron had taken over John Gosden’s  job over the last 14 days? And visa versa what would have happened if John Gosden had taken over David Cameron’s job over the last 14 days?.
 David Cameron, what would Kingman have made of Cameron in the saddle? During the last 14 days leading up to his race at Deauville on Sunday? The mind boggles. To ride out a racehorses in training soon separate’s the wheat from the chaff.  Kingman would have soon sorted Cameron out, and rid himself from that sort of abuse, fast.

John Gosden, how would he have got on taking over Cameron’s job over the last 14 days . Gosden’s thought zone mindset accuracy spot on, would be able to cope with all the daily home and global problems in a totally different way. In a true humanitarian way.


Lip Service, just uttering words, not living these words.

 Words used by David Cameron PM to mislead and deceive. To make quick false promises that will never be carried out in the right way.  Lip service that will never light that fire in the hearts of the people. John Gosden’s words light the fire in William Buick’s heart. Jonjo O’Neall’s words light the fire in Tony McCoy’s heart. Sir Michael Stoute’s words light the fire in Ryan Moore’s heart. Aidan O’Brien’s words light the fire in his son Joseph’s heart.

       Joseph O’Brien’s words and actions light the fire in Australia’s heart.

THE TABLET The International Catholic Weekly Founded in 1840.
16 August 2014


“There has been widespread criticism, entirely justified, of the British Government’s timid and complacent response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Northern Iraq. This is not to question the bravery of RAF air crew flying missions to drop supplies to the tens of thousands of Yazidi refugees trapped on a mountain and surrounded by fanatical Islamists fighting under the sinister black banner of Islamic State (IS, formerly known as Isis) But British efforts fall so far short of what is needed that the operation looks more like a public relations exercise than anything else, or as military expert put it “gesture politics” .


“By far the greater part of the international relief effort is being undertaken by the United States, though that too is inadequate. There is vague talk in Washington of a rescue mission involving both helicopters and military personnel on the ground. But official thinking in both America and Great Britain seems allergic to anything that sounds like real engagement. There is no strategic thinking. This lack of seriousness is alarming.


“The west’s moral and legal duty is plain. After the international community failed to prevent the mass murders in Rwanda and Srebrenica, and in the light of the successful Kosovo intervention, the United Nations adopted  the principle called Responsibility to Protect which now has the status of international law. This declares that every state has a duty to defend its population from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing; that the international community has a responsibility to assist the state to fulfil its primary responsibility; and that if a state manifestly fails to do so, the international community has the responsibility to act, with military intervention as a last resort.


“In this case the Iraq Government has not failed out of ill will but because it has been overwhelmed by the military threat from IS, though the partisan and Anti Sunni policies pursued by the Maliki Government did help to set the scene. For the tens of thousands of refugees, the “last resort” of outside military intervention is their one hope of survival. Given that IS’ intentions span all four of the categories mentioned by the Responsibility to Protect, from genoside to ethnic cleansing, the world has an undoubted obligation to see it is stopped. That is bound to entail rather more than a few American air strikes here and there against IS’ heavy weapons. The British have declined even to participate in that, and committed only transport and reconnaissance aircraft..


“The systematic application of Western – including British – airpower now seems inescapable, whether or not the immediate refugee crisis finds a solution. Even the Vatican, which almost never approves of military action, has said so. Thus when Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster tells the British Government, as he did last week, that Iraq needs a “sustained focus on creating a more stable society based on respect for fundamental human rights”, that could well involve confronting, by all necessary means, IS’ evil campaign to wipe out every section of Iraq society it disapproves of, whether moderate Sunni, Christians, Shia or Yazidi. Pope Francis, in his moving plea for intervention sent the United Nations secretary General this week, invokes international law, implying that military action in such a case as this would have legal and moral sanction.


“If the Government thinks it needs a democratic mandate first, then Parliament should be recalled immediately. But compliance with international law does not need parliamentary approval. The real problem is the lack of political will, particularly as both the British and American Government have their eye on their forthcoming elections and both administrations believe that public opinion would not tolerate further military interventions overseas. That may not be true much longer. The polls are fluid: people do not like reckless foreign adventure. But nor do they like cowardice in the face of evil. “

www.telegraph.co.uk  › News  › World News  › The Pope

His only previous trip to the Middle East had to be cut short after the outbreak of one of its worst crises — the 1973 Yom Kippur War that pitted Israel ...
“Religious freedom is in fact a fundamental human right and I cannot fail to express my hope that it will be upheld throughout the Middle East and the entire world,” he said after being greeted by King Abdullah, his wife Queen Rania, and the couple’s children. “Christians consider themselves, and indeed are, full citizens, and as such they seek, together with their Muslim fellow citizens, to make their own particular contribution to the society in which they live.”


    www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/book-review-i-am-malala...   Cached
    I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban” byMalala Yousafzai with
    Christina Lamb. (Little, Brown)


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