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Monday February 16, 2015.

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       Naga Munchetty talks to The Rt Hon Ian Duncan Smith

How do human rights apply here?
How do human rights apply here?   
How Universal Credit in theory, is working out
  in Universal Credit in practice?
How do human rights apply here?
Government's Dishonest Minimum Wage Trap
How do human rights apply here?

Human Rights Female?
There is clearly a huge difference in the human rights of females due to the fact that they are the ones who carry and give birth to the babies.

Human Rights Male?

 Human Rights Government?

Human Rights of Racehorses in Training?

Human Rights of Dogs? Human Rights of Cats?

Human Rights of Fish? Human Rights of Birds?

Human Rights in fact at present are only functioning at the bare scant cruel minimum in the world we live in today.

Every person, every racehorse in training,  all living creatures are equipt with a physical and mental capacity. Both can suffer breakdown physically and mentally. That the mental side is historically scorned and misunderstood  so badly, tricky. People living in a wrong environment with wrong people  can cause a person mental stress the same as a person plunged into extreme hardship witnessing and surrounded by bad issues can end up finding themselves in a dark depressing place. Working too hard, and not getting much sleep can also trigger mental hardship. All war torn counties ignore Human Rights completely.

First Published Turfcall Racing Post
Monday February 16, 2015

Team (Clive) Brittain Newmarket

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