Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thursday January 15, 2015.

J Margaret Clarke
 Turfcall Factfile
 Wednesday January 14.
BBC1 Breakfast
Jules Wyman Life Coach

The Lost Gardens of Heligan
A Creative Adventure
The Lost Gardens of Heligan, 75 years in The Wilderness
British Government Political and Legal Justice System 75 Years in The Wilderness
British Government Racecourse and Horseracing System 75 Years in The Wilderness
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Presented by Andrew Neil
British Government Political and Legal Justice System 75 Years in The Wilderness

The British electorate don't know half what is going on in government today.

Terror Attacks and British Law? The way forward?

Religion? What sort of religion?
Yesterday, Andrew attempting to find out, not getting clear answers to his questions.from a Government Political and Legal Justice System that Ducks and Dives Weaves and Bucks using dishonest  Rip Off,  Fob Off, Lip Service.

Tax payer’s money used to run the Courts, in a system that is so expensive it prices itself out of reach of an estimated 75 per cent of British people who can’t  afford to use it themselves. A British Political and Legal Justice System from hell.
British Government Racecourse and Horseracing System 75 Years in The Wilderness
Good job British political, legal government don’t have the responsibility of training any racehorses because they would be totally incompetent. Some if bothering even to go back and check to see if the racehorses were alright would find them all dead, due to total evil  government neglect.
Religion? What sort of religion?
What exactly is religion? Why are there so many different religions?

Worldwide, people are all so different. Each and everybody’s birth right is sacred from day one, from Baptism to Death throughout Life’s Journey.  True Sacred Human Rights belong to each and every living soul. In this troubled war torn world we live in today it’s like we have all lost our way.  British government today is a mess. Bar Alex Salmond  for the Scottish people.  
Like Nicholas Godfrey puts it "Horseracing in Dubai is different gravy. "

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