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Monday December 15, Racing Post 2014.


6.00am to 7.25am.
With Louise Minchin and Bill Turnbull
With some intriguing guests.
Paul Mason
The Guardian Sunday 14 December 2014 20.00GMT
Torture will just push our enemies to more violent excess
It’s time to confront the brutal physical reality and the gruesome official justification of state-sanctioned torture
 Andrew Marr Show - Video Results
Sacred Sunday December 14
9.00am  to 10.00am
Guest: Vince Cable for the Liberal Party
J Margaret Clarke
 Turfcall Factfile 

“The Male Global Practice of Torture”

Andrew Marr talked to Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP on his show yesterday, picking up on “The Practice of Global Torture”  that both Britain and America along with many other global  countries are involved in every day.  This is an ancient male evil of horrific proportion and significance due to the fact that it is all going on just the same to this very day. Us ‘global girls’ do not want our “global boys” to go through such horrific tortures and sadistic wars anything like this, ever again. No, no, no, never.
“The Male Global Practice of Torture”

 Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP Stamping Ground.  The person to investigate such as this within the present British political and legal government remit.

We see on Sir Malcolm’s web site he is saying: “Let's encourage cyclists who obey laws of the road. “Cycling should be encouraged as a healthier, cheaper way of getting around. “

If Sir Malcolm Rifkind is so out of touch with the highly dangerous practice of cycling or riding on the Public Highway in Britain, how can he ever be trusted, expect or qualified to sort out and stop this male barbaric global practice of torture?
Member of Parliament for Kensington
Sacred Sunday December 14
11.00am  to 12.10pm.
Plus 11.35
local reports

Andrew Neil introduced us to Ian Duncan Smith MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions for the Conservative Party, yesterday in his BBC1 Sunday Politics, talking at some length about the political and legal state that the people in Britain find themselves in today. Mr Duncan Smith was found to be well up to speed in the “British Political- Legal -Government- Fob-Off-Tell-Them- Nothing-Rip- Off -Britain-Stakes.  His Duck and Dive tactics well practiced, polished even, one might say. Similar to those of  Mr George Osborne.

So who exactly is Ian Duncan Smith? Where has he come from? And where is he aiming to go to?  Is he the right man for this job? Getting to know Ian Duncan Smith for the Conservative Party. 


What sort of a person is needed to pick-up, and put- in - true – order –this – present- long - neglected –" Department of Work and Pensions ?"  It is found that instead of the people who find themselves in need of assistance for whatever reason, attempting to get through unexpected tough times themselves in their lives, which can happen to anyone. The fault of seriously long negligence lies within government’s poor handling of this key area.   Government’s have shown us their attitude to put secretly three-quarters of British working  people in their Minimum Wage Bracket Trap, left to be expected to work and live on a Minimum Wage so low that it is impossible to exist on.

Local government in England
This is a massive, complex area one of the most vital, involving everyone. At present perceived to be a huge white elephant left to die on his feet without anyone noticing. No doubt run as cheaply as possible by successive male government meddling and muddling. This whole area in dire need of a thorough spring clean. To find out what is what, and then develop the best way forward from there. With respect, the first question that immediately springs to mind, is, what does Mr Duncan Smith know about “Spring Cleaning?” Nothing.



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