Tuesday, 3 June 2014


J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment
The humble empty yogurt pot (carton)
that brings British  government to it's knees.

Charlie Stayt and Louise Machin take a closer look at local County Council practices.  Providing,  government tell us  a 'weekly recycling rubbish collection service'  .

Rubbish Bin?  Which Rubbish Bin? A weekly Service? Not a weekly service?

Rubbish what rubbish? What sort of rubbish?

Government Rip of Britain Fob Off Lip Service

Government communication channels? Where are they?   What are they?       

  What sort of government communication channels exist at present?

Are the British people expected to make their own assumptions in this regard and just to pay up and shut up?  Left to put up with government theory? That in no way works out in practice? Government are getting away with charging the people for services government fail to provide even . Just the same as found happening within the British Legal Justice System.

British people are expected to turn up to vote once in a while, when ordered to do so by government. We the British people are the ones paying these politicians wages. So where before the last General Election were the written 'Government Preview Documents from each and every political party? That by rights should have been posted out to each and every British person with a vote option at least three months before that general election took place?

We the British people again are the ones paying these politicians wages plus paying for the daily upkeep and running of the  Houses of Parliament so where are the honest all party review documents detailing in full all that has been achieved or not as the case may be by  government since the last general election? Where are these documents? When can the British people expect to receive these written documents from all parties? Three months before the next election? Six months before the next election? Politicians need to stop their pre-election bickering, and stop playing with other peoples lives.  When can the politicians caught up in this evil practice make up for their failed working practices Ripping Off the British people ongoing over the last 50-60 years?  All politicians have a lot of catching up to do before they assume they can allow another general election.

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