Friday, 16 May 2014


J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment
BBC 1 Breakfast confirm:
 That the British Police Service is to undergo urgent radical reform. But who is going to carry out this reform? Tax payers money comes into play here whether this job will be done well or not. Looks like over the last 6 decades governments just chuck some tax payers money at something and couldn't care less if it is sorted properly or not.
BBC 1 Breakfast takes a closer look at the British Legal Justice System and the problems in urgent need of radical reform therein. 
 At present this legal service is set up to only suit the rich and privileged. This can never be acceptable.  At present self regulated.  No facility to sort out bad practice. To weed out evil practice.  Lawyers being protected by system on going over the last 6 decades. At present hanging by a very expensive thread.  An ancient long outdated practice serving no one. Wasting billions of pounds of tax payers money every day of every week.

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